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Off to Bodrum

Bodrum Castle

Some getaways need to be quick and cheap. From Northern Europe this is just as true as anywhere else. Where North American have the Caribbean Islands and Central America, Europeans have even easier and cheaper access to the Mediterranean for warm water getaways almost all year round. The southern and western coast of Turkey is of particular appeal because if offers a little bit more. A sense of escape to somewhere exotic. With easy vacation packages and discount carrier flights to places like Bodrum Turkey, packing a bag is all that needs to be done. Tucking into a kebab and pita while strolling the harbour will feel as easy as a stroll down to the corner shop.

Bodrum Harbour

Photo Credit: yilmaz ovunc

The seaside stroll and a belly full of kebab out of the way it is off to explore. It is obvious which direction to head. The town is not large and there are a few things that will stand out even if you ignore the taxis and tourist maps. Fans of Roman and Greek history will find both ruins and the Museum of Underwater Archeology a worthwhile day or two of exploration. Those with an interest in Crusaders will be drawn to the Castle built by the Knights Hospitaller.

Bodrum Castle

Photo Credit: yilmaz ovunc

After that you are just going to relax. This town is on an arid peninsular. There are no vineyards, orchards or lovely country farms to tour. You are here for the sun and a chance to disconnect. Pull up a lounger, get out that book you have been meaning to read and settle in for the duration. It is good for you. Sure, you are going to stroll the town a few times as you decide which taverna will entertain you for the evening but don’t be thinking it will take all day or a whole bunch of research. Relax, this is about slowing down. Have a little something traditional and refreshing for lunch.

Bodrum Lunch

Photo Credit: Michal Osmenda

Don’t panic if you need to do something and the town feels too small. Hop on one of the ferries and visit another small island nearby. Pack you passport because you are heading to Greece, although it will look very familiar. On second thought, that lounge chair may be just the thing you need.

Beach Lounger

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Places to Visit around Las Vegas That Aren’t Casinos

Places to Visit around Las Vegas That Aren't Casinos 1

We all love to go on holiday, and one place that is a big favorite for many people around the world is Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether people are going for a short weekend, a week, or for a wedding ceremony, the bright lights in the desert and the casinos are a major attraction. Getting to Las Vegas these days is easy as flights arrive from all over the world, from a country like the UK you can be in Vegas within 10 hours from take-off to landing. Read on and find out the best places to visit around Las Vegas.

With so much to do in Las Vegas itself, not many people tend to visit the surrounding areas, but if you are there for a week or more it is highly recommended that you hire a car and take a drive to a few of the outstanding features in the area. Below is a list of must visit places if you do hire a car. Read More

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How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Early



Are you desperate to get your hands on your favourite band’s up and coming concert tickets? There’s nothing like the excitement of booking tickets to a gig.

Well, if you’re an American Express cardholder, you might just be able to get your hands on those tickets in advance.

Advanced Ticket Access

All American Express Canada cardholders gain exclusive access to advanced concert tickets. In partnership with TicketMaster, the choice of advanced tickets available is pretty extensive.

You basically gain access to the tickets before they go on sale to the general public. This means you never have to worry about missing out on a concert again. What’s more by using Amex credit cards, you get to choose the best seats too.

All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is have enough rewards points. You gain rewards points practically every time you spend on your credit card. There may be a few terms and conditions you need to familiarise yourself with to ensure you’re earning points on the purchases you make.

It’s worth noting that in order to benefit from this service you need to be enrolled in the Canadian Membership Rewards Program. If you have a corporate card it also won’t be eligible. Your AMEX card also needs to be in good standing. This means there shouldn’t be any missed repayments or debt on the card.

Redeeming Your Points

If you are interested in redeeming your points towards the concert tickets, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Select your tickets via the Ticketmaster website and proceed to checkout. Choose American Express as your chosen payment method. There should then be an option to use Membership rewards Points to pay for the transaction. You’ll need to check the box where applicable. Full payment will be taken out for the tickets at this point.
  2. You’ll be asked to enter a 4-digit security code. This is to basically verify your points balance.
  3. Once the security code has been confirmed, you’ll be asked how many points you want to use towards the cost of the tickets. You can use points to part pay or fully pay the ticket cost.
  4. Confirmation will be sent to you regarding how many points have been deducted from your account. The AMEX account will then be credited accordingly.

It really is that simple to get your hands on the latest tickets. It’s just one of many benefits associated with owning an AMEX card.

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5 of the Best Things to do in Las Vegas


LasVegasStrip-1_1There are so many things you could in Vegas but what would give you the biggest ‘bang for your buck’? In this article we bring you five of the very best things to do in Las Vegas.

Forget about spending the day playing at casino tables or feeding coins to the insatiable slot machines. Our list features attractions for every taste, including free events for those of you travelling on a shoestring budget.

Visit the Neon Museum

Nothing screams out ‘Las Vegas’ more than the neon signs that grace the facades and tops of buildings around the city.

These tubes of light have guided gamblers to their tables since 1929. You can admire some of the oldest, most venerable neon signs at the Neon Museum in North Las Vegas Boulevard.

The museum has a wide collection of old neon signs and other memorabilia that have witness Las Vegas’ changing fortunes.

At the moment, the 150-odd signs in the collection are strewn over a parking lot, but the museum is attempting to recreate itself as a fully-fledged visitors centre, using parts of the lobby that formed the historic La Concha motel no less!

Other examples of famous neon signage include the Moulin Rouge sign designed by Betty Willis and the Aladdin’s original lamp.

Visitors should book for tours of the museum well in advance, since this quirky place is fast becoming a tourist favourite. Although gambling these days is often more modern and done online, its history is very much symbolized by the bright glow of the Vegas neon.

Tours run from Tuesday to Friday (at noon and 2pm), and on Saturdays at 9.30am and 11am.

Valley of Fire

Although the glitz and glamour of Vegas may distract you from the fact, this oasis of gambling is actually located in the Nevada desert. So if you feel that you had enough of the casinos and clubs, why not head for some peace and quiet in the desert?

Just an hour’s drive away from the centre Las Vegas is the Nevada’s oldest state park, the Valley of Fire, a gaping hole in the earth that was cut over millions of years and now boasts some of the most stunning desert scenery in America.

The bright red hue of the stone gives it an almost alien look, something which was capitalised upon by Hollywood in films like Total Recall, Star Trek Generations and, most recently, Need for Speed.

You can explore the area’s history and admire its natural beauty all year round. It’s up to you whether to make it a camping or hiking trip, or snap photos on a relaxed ride in a jeep or air-conditioned tour bus.

Catch a live show

Fabulous Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without catching one of the many live shows that are held in the hotels and casinos every night.

You can buy tickets relatively cheaply on the same day of the show and some of the most popular offerings at the moment include the fantastic acrobatics of the Cirque Du Soleil troupe, the weird, hypnotising performance of the Blue Man Group, and the delightfully naughty Absinthe show at the Ceasars Palace, which is aimed for a more adult audience.

There’s never a dull moment in Vegas and you want to give yourself plenty of time to take it all in and enjoy the show!

Admire the dancing Bellagio fountains

Surely you’ve seen the perfectly choreographed dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio on video, but nothing beats the experience of seeing them live.

Watch as the lake in front of the Bellagio becomes alive with jets of waters that up to 460 feet in the air and dance to classic Vegas tunes like ‘Hey, Big Spender’ and ‘Luck Be a Lady’. You can catch this unique spectacle (it’s free!) every 3 minutes from 3 pm till 8 pm, and every 15 minutes from 8pm till midnight.

Other free Vegas attractions include the Volcano at the Mirage and the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand, where you admire lions eating, playing and sleeping, from a safe distance.

Take a gambling class

It wouldn’t be Vegas without a spot of gambling, so surrender to the temptation of Sin City but do it well!

If you want to improve your odds of striking gold in Vegas and avoid losing your shirt, try to attend one of the free gambling lessons that nearly all Las Vegas hotels and casino offer to visitors.

Whether you want to refine your poker skill or roll the dice like a pro in craps, these classes are ideal for beginners and experienced players alike.

These classes won’t only teach you the basic rules and strategies of most popular table games, but also help you become more familiar with the etiquette and lingo of the game. This way it will be easier to bluff your way in to the high-rollers section, even without your shirt on!

Las Vegas beckons

So answer the call! The Entertainment Capital of the World has plenty to offer to even the most discerning visitor and with our guide in your hands you can rest assured that your stay in Vegas won’t be a gamble, but a holiday to remember.

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Travel to Tamilnadu

Travel to Tamilnadu 1

Tamilnadu tourism is a relatively unknown tourist destination that few travelers are aware of. Where is this hidden gem that offers a wonderful and exciting vacation? It is located in the south-eastern part of the Indian Peninsula. Now India may not be on one’s mind when it comes to planning a family vacation. After all, do you really want to go somewhere where there are thousands upon thousands of people? Also, what about your safety, the weather, the expense to get there? Why would I go to Tamilnadu?

Well, for one reason Tamilnadu tourism sites suggest that if you want an out of the way, unique travel experience… then why not take some time and research all that there is to do in Tamilnadu. They say for example that the temple architecture is amazing. Now India is known for its variety of religious temples. However, Tamilnadu is one of the areas with not only the most ancient, but also an area with the most interesting of temple designs. Read More