Post Date Jul 16

Bingo Videos Celebrate Music

Have you ever played a game of bingo and wondered just how many distinctive calls there are for the numbers used in the game? Well, Costa Bingo have sought to answer all with a new campaign designed to teach you everything you need to know about the bingo lingo and the result is 90 fantastic videos celebrated everything from music to travel.

In one of our favourite clips – for number 76: trombones – you see two people miming the act of playing this distinctive instrument in a beautiful woodland surrounding. Proving that you can have plenty of fun in natural surroundings using nothing more than your imagination, it’s a great way to summarize the fun of the game.

Of course, the video is only representative on one particular call and there are plenty of others available to view on YouTube. Why not take a look now and discover a whole host of bingo calls you probably didn’t even know existed.

Post Date Jun 27

Sometimes It Is All About Colour


Why pick anything? Some people may think that a list of the good and bad, pros and cons, plus and minuses, that is how to make a decision. Weigh both sides or one thing against another. The right choice will come out on top if there are enough details. Slice the information and specifications small enough there should be a clear winner, right?

Scales of Justice

Photo Credit: Mbiama

Seems like too much work and really, it is biased by what gets considered. Not a fun way to decide anything. Really who wants to spend all that time combing through the details and judging on one little bit of information at a time. That is too much time being tedious. Maybe if you are working out the exact specifications needed to keep an airplane in the sky then this level of detail is a good idea. If you are deciding what to have for dinner, then let is go a little bit.


Photo Credit: puroticorico

Nothing wrong with picking a car based entirely on the colour. A car is really a fashion accessory for most people so pick it like clothes, does it fit and do you like the colour. Gets from here to there and that is about all you need. Heading out on a vacation? Go to a pretty site like Hoot Holidays, fill in the basics and then pick a resort based on the colour. Could be the colour of the ocean, the room or cocktails at the swim up bar. You will never get anywhere making lists and weigh possibilities. Pick a colour and go make your own fun, it is you vacation isn’t it?


Photo Credit: fihu

The colour can guide you through some overwhelming decisions without resorting to some crazy hippie aura reading. Look at the thing and decide if you like it or not. Simple. Don’t stress the details. Most of these decisions are not about saving someone’s life. If they are then please look at more than the colour. Non life saving or preserving decisions don’t really matter which way you go. Pick a nice colour and don’t hurt too many people feelings along the way.


Photo Credit: EraPhernalia Vintage . . . (playin’ hook-y ;o)

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Hotel Ushuaia: Are You Ready?

Post Date May 13

Away From Neighbours


Living in a flat? How are the neighbours? Know everything that is going on in their lives? Well they probably know more than a thing or two about you too. It may not be a flat, coming on to nicer weather, the windows get opened and so does everyones lives. That serious talk about what school will accept Simon next year, who was responsible for the bill payment last month, or what does one really think about the mother-in-law. You know, those conversations that would be best left private but are not because everyone is so close.

Close Neighbour

Photo Credit: Chris Pattinson

A nice get away is exactly what’s needed. Not to some little hotel room where you have traded the neighbours for a different couple on noisy weekend away. Something where you can find some space and maybe a little fresh air for a change. Somewhere out in the country but without spending the family fortune or several mortgages on country home. Really what you need is the ability to move when the neighbours are becoming too close or familiar.

Country House

Photo Credit: ungard

A little class and a little budget. More than a tent but less than the manor house. More like a turtle with a home to go wherever the desire leads. This is when you start to notice those sleek 4 berth caravans making their way along the motorway. Comfortable and portable seems to be a nice solution to the neighbours. Room to stretch out. Solid roof to keep out the rain and a way to change location at will.


Photo Credit: John Carver

Not for everyone, the country life. Nightclubs and fancy restaurants aren’t often near a caravan park but this is about having more of a portable home than portable life. Maybe it is not to your fancy and the concern is about the neighbours listening. Perhaps when a new caravan shows up in the neighbour’s drive it really is about them at all and maybe it is the other side of the fence or garden wall. Could be just the sign than a little getaway time for your self is in order too. Without all the drama.

Post Date May 2

What to do in Amsterdam This Easter Weekend

Cosmopolitan, Charismatic, easy-going, multicultural Amsterdam, these are the words I believe best describe this great city. I should also mention that it is oodles of fun whatever age you are.

Are you stuck on ideas of where best to go this Easter weekend? If so, Amsterdam could be your answer, and I’m going to give you a few ideas of things to do in my favourite city in Europe. The European coach company iDBUS have just launched their line between London and Amsterdam – so there’s never been as many ways of travelling between London and Amsterdam.

The top of my list of places to visit has to be Keukenhof gardens, just as you would top your ‘to do’ list with the Eiffel Tower whilst in Paris, or the Coliseum whilst in Rome, so you should top your ‘to do’ list with Keukenhof whilst in Amsterdam. Why? Because Amsterdam is famous for its tulips, and in Keukenhof you will find the most flamboyant display of tulips in Amsterdam. There is colour everywhere, and the smell in the air is divine.

Springtime is the best time of the year to visit; given this is when the flowers are in full bloom. The Easter weekend also sees the arrival of the Easter Bunny, who hands out some yummy Easter treats for the little ones and for big people too. There is a great maze which is really good fun, a children’s playground, and a petting zoo with lots of little furry things.

For us bigger people there is an indoor Easter egg market, and three different pavilions holding flower shows, but perhaps best of all is the daily flower arranging show, which is a must for getting your creative juices flowing. If you are feeling more active you could even hire a bike and explore the surrounding tulip fields outside of Keukenhof.

Talking of bikes, hiring a bike to explore the city of Amsterdam would probably be my second favourite thing to do. Everyone in Amsterdam cycles, literally everyone. You will see mums and dads riding along with wooden contraptions of some sort to seat their children or sometimes even their dogs.

Should you decide to hire a bike there are a plethora of rental places, too many to name, but be rest assured that practically every neighbourhood has one. If you aren’t one for meandering around on your bike and prefer some structure to your day a lot of the hire shops also provide guided tours, a great way to get to know the city in 2hrs!

If however, you like to explore alone, two spots I would advise you do visit are ‘The Nine Streets’ (De Negen Straatjes), that intersect the main canals between the Leidsestraat and the Jordaan distric . Here you will experience Amsterdam’s true café culture, and there are some cute little boutique shops, it’s nice to cycle along the river and over one of its many delightful little bridges.

The second best spot is the De Gooyer Windmill. This windmill dates back to 1725 and is the tallest wooden windmill in the Netherlands, more importantly however, it is also a microbrewery. A great place to sample some tasty brews and you can even opt to have a selection of 5 tasters that you get to choose, I highly recommend it – Enjoy!

If you prefer to explore by foot I suggest you check out some of Amsterdam’s street Markets this Easter, as they will all be open over the Easter holidays, some of the more famous markets include the Singel (floating) flower market on the canal, Albert Cypmarkt, Waterlooplein flea market, and Rembrandt Art Market. The latter is my favourite, mainly because you can stop off for afternoon tea at the fabulous Brasserie Schiller, a 100 year old Art Nouveau Building, experience the grandeur of it, and the Dutch specialities if you wish.

This is only a snippet of the things to get up to in Amsterdam, but if you do decide to venture there this Easter weekend, be rest assured that there will be plenty to do.